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Making Podcasting as

Seamless as Possible

As Seen In . . .

We Are . . .


Audio Editing

Noise Reduction. Volume Leveling. Mixing and Mastering. Output at podcast loudness standards. Remove most filler words (umms, uhhs, etc) and deep breaths, coughs, sneezes, etc.

Video Editing

If you do a video podcast, we will edit it, caption it, and create a YouTube thumbnail for it. We then strip the audio from it to create the audio podcast


Snippets of audio converted to short video (usually under a minute) with a static image and waveform going through it. Great for social media sharing.

Social Media and Blog Graphics

For each episode, we create a new social media graphic (in the appropriate sizes for the varying platforms).

Show Notes and Transcriptions

Episode Summary with guest bios, links, click-to-tweets, timestamps, social media links, and transcriptions.

Hosting & Distribution

We will host your audio files through the hosting platform we use, set id3 tags, SEO, and metadata, and distribute to all the podcast directories.


We can assist with creating your intro, outro, jingle, and calls-to-action or piece them into each recording if you already have them recorded.

Cover Art

We can create gorgeous cover art that meets industry standards.

Trailer Episode

A trailer episode is a short episode (usually under 5 minutes) that describes a bit about you, your show, and what listeners can expect to gain from listening.

Quote Cards

Quote cards are social media graphics that have quotes of the host or the guest.

Emailed Statistics, Analytics, Rankings, Ratings, and Reviews

Every month, we will email you a detailed report of your monthly statistics, analytics, chart rankings, ratings, and reviews.

Podcast Website

We can create a professional-looking podcast website with episodes, show notes/blogs/transcriptions, and more.

Podcast One Sheet/Media Kit

A one-sheet or media or press kit is your bio, headshot, social media, website, stats, and other relevant info on one page for media/press interviews

Coaching, Consulting, and Auditing

If you need personal, one-on-one assistance and advice regarding all facets of your podcast, we can help with that too.

Podcast Community

Every client of ours receives free access to our podcasting community where you can ask questions, grow, and learn from others.



Our comprehensive launch package is for those who haven't yet launched their podcast but want to be sure they launch with a bang!


Our management services are for those who already have a podcast (whether or not you launched it with PodSeam) where all you do is send us your audio and/or video files, and we handle the rest of the editing, production, repurposing, and more.


Our marketing package includes the management services in addition to guest scheduling and management, social media scheduling and management, and more.


Our monetization package includes the marketing services in addition to searching and securing sponsorships, affiliate and joint venture partnerships, and more.


Can I cancel anytime?

Yes, you may cancel the monthly plans at any time. There are no contracts on the monthly plans. The annual plans can be cancelled (ie: not renewed) after the one-year contract ends. There are no pro-rated discounts for weeks or months not used. 

Can't I just do all this myself? Why hire you to do it for me?

You absolutely can do it yourself stringing multiple software programs together, but if time or technology is an issue for you, we highly recommend outsourcing the production, publishing, repurposing, etc to us. Per every hour of recorded audio, it generally takes about 5 hours to edit, produce, publish, distribute, and more.

How do you differ from other podcast production agencies?

First and foremost, we are podcasters ourselves that pride ourselves with producing quality audio and content. Secondly, we don't just offer editing or show notes, but a nearly completely done-for-you (DFY) white-glove service including BOTH video and audio editing, mixing, mastering, show notes/blog, transcription, social media images, quote cards, music, cover art, audiograms, statistics and analytic reports, coaching, consulting, community, education portal, podcast audits, guest management/scheduling, and more. All for at an affordable monthly rate.

Do you post to social media for me?

While we do publish your episodes to a podcast host which then distributes it to all the podcast directories, we are not a social media management company so we do not post to social media for you. However, we do make the social media graphics and content, but you (or your social media manager, if applicable) would retrieve that information from the client portal and then schedule and post on social media.