Making podcasting as seamless as possible.

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Podcast Editing
and Production

Hosting and Distribution

Transcripts and Show Notes

Audiograms and Quote Cards

Calls to Action and Downloadables

Podcast Player on Podcast Website

Responsive Podcast Website

Podcast Intro/Outro Music/Jingles

. . . and more

What You Do...

Record episodes and send them to us. That's it.

A La Carte/Per Episode Services

Basic Edit

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Full Service Edit

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Deluxe Edit

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Basic Show Notes

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Advanced Show Notes

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Captioned Audiogram

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Social Image

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Quote Card

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Cover Art

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Frequently Asked Questions

Am I locked into a contract?

No. You may discontinue service at any time.

Do you host my podcast?

We use Spreaker for hosting of your podcast and RSS feed.

Where is my podcast distributed?

·         Apple Podcasts

·         Google Podcasts

·         Spotify

·         Stitcher

·         iHeart Radio

·         Amazon Alexa

·         Podchaser

·         Breaker

·         Deezer

·         Overcast

·         Pocketcasts

·         Castbox

·         Radio Public

·         Radionline

·         Tune In

·         Pod Addict

What does your editing consist of?

·         Join all your recordings (intro, episode, outro, sponsored messages, etc)

·         Convert and clean audio files

·         Id3 tags

·         Level volume

·         Reduce background noises and hums

·         Output at podcast loudness standard

·         Remove dead air, deep breaths, and most filler words (ie: umm, uhhh)

Aside from editing, what else does PodSeam help with?

·         We can create podcast intros/outros/jingles

·         Transcripts

·         Show notes

·         Audiograms for social sharing

·         Responsive podcast website with a podcast player and downloadables or calls-to-action

·         Monthly emailed analytics and global iTunes reviews

Why can't I just do this myself? 

You can, but if technology or time is an issue for you, it may be better to outsource your podcast production to us.